More than just Shadows

Shadow of a dejected soul

Hiking a lonely and rejected road

Down a one-way street

With no road maps

Tears rolling down the cheeks of a broken heart

Like springs of warm water

A dark street

With no ray of light to comfort a perturbed spirit

A burning chest with pains like angina

I’ll heal and be fine someday

I’ll keep walking till I get a glimpse of light


Inspired by my friend.


Nubian Queen 👑

Beauty beyond comparison

Dark burst of pure melanin juice

Skin made out of dark sugar, honey, cocoa and pure solid gold

Hair, thick and dark like the forest in Zambezi

Slim and slender like a palm tree

Moving graciously,

left to right like happy palm leaves

With compassion burning in her eyes

Smile that melts a stone-cold heart

And teeth like a newly sharpened knife

Blinding Joy that lifts a depressed soul

Joy that brightly lits up a dark room


strong and courageous

Free-spirited and intelligent

A treasure to be cherished until the end of time

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated

She’ll always remain a Nubian Queen


Mind games


Drowned in joy,
He slips back in the game
The game of hide and seek,
A heart lost in the squares of Rubik’s cube
Who knows what the future with him holds
She silently watches as he plays the game of hearts
The game of thrones
Determined to find a way,
A way to her heart,

Queen of his heart
In the mortal world
Full of so much despair,
She is made to believe that “happily ever after” exists
He braces himself,
Ready for unforseen contingencies,
With burning determination,
He picks up the dice,
Rolls it back and forth,
Clears the pawns and takes out the knights,
Ruins the rook and bishops,
Her heart is at stake
Heartbeat rising,
Pulse racing,
He tosses the dice,
It rolls and rolls
Then stops!
He loses
He’s captured
Yet Again!
He’s lost!
Another heartbreak
No crown
Game over!
                                  — Beehigeeh😘

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Unspoken words


Unspoken thoughts
A confused mind
A depressed soul
A distressed heart
A weary mind
A sick body
Words like venom
Burning my soul
Thoughts like slow poison
Eating my organs
Confusion like madness
Burying every sense of reasoning
Depression like magnets
Sapping every bit self esteem
Sickness like death
Gradually taking over my body
A distressed heart that desperately needs to vomit unspoken words


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Control your temper!


It is totally wrong for your own bad mood to ruin the day of another person,
How you feel is personal and should not reflect on another person
You have every right to feel tired, angry, depressed, sad…
But you have no right to pass the aggression on.
Everybody is going through a downtime in one way or the other,
What you say, how you react and your facial expression can change a life,
Consciously deal with your feelings,
Some blame their mood swings on their temperament,
Your temperament can in many ways affect how you react,
It is your responsibility to know your temperament , know your strengths and weaknesses,
Take the temperament assessment test below ⬇
I hear people say that you should focus more on your strengths ,so what happens to your weaknesses?
Consciously work on your weaknesses,
Put them side by side with your strengths,
Compare and contrast,
Write a new list of what you want to see,
Strengthen your strengths,
I can assure you that before long you’ll become better.

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Self love!


I think you cannot fully understand what loving somebody else means without first loving yourself,
Love emanates from the inside and radiates to the outside,
Christ commanded us to love others as we love ourselves,
He understood this principle and in plain language asked us to first love ourselves so that we can know how to love others,
Its not being selfish because you cannot obviously give what you do not have,
The moment you love yourself, you’ll know how to treat others respectfully,
In loving yourself you understand the simple principle of ” Do unto others what you want them to do to you”
You have to settle the conflict within yourself,
Stop wrestling with yourself,
Shower yourself with love
Be happy from inside,
And it’ll definately show on the outside.

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So many races to run
So many hurdles to cross
So many mountains to climb
So many deserts to walk
So many rivers to sail
So many battles to fight
So many victories to be won
So many shoes to fill
So many books to read
So many lessons to learn
So many stories to tell
So many seeds to plant
So many challenges to face
So many tears
Shattered dreams,
Broken hearts,
Weary souls,
The reality of living

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Memories without goodbyes


I fell in love in the strangest way, Emotionally vulnerable,
An eerie feeling,
Every detail, every event, every date,
Every moment up in my memory
Memories flash through my brain
like lightening bolts in the sky,
Your scent lingers in my lungs
Your heartbeat and nerve motion
The plastered smiles and roaring laughters
The frowns and the tears,
The secret glances…
Every sound triggers my memory and even silence
The twittering of birds,
The honking of motor vehicles,
The sound of music
The twinkling of stars and
The rays of the sun reminds me of you, Memories, stuck in a broken heart
Memories without goodbyes

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Deafening Silence


Loud in my ears,
I hear the little things,
I hear My own thoughts arguing and debating,
My heartbeat pumping and racing for survival,
Blood cells slowly moving to destinations,
Air gradually oozing in and out of my nose,
The rickety and cracking sound of my bones,
The messengers swiftly running helter-skelter  with impulses,
My stomach gradually breaking down all the ingested to give me life,
It is all in my head,
And yet so much noise.

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You’re one heartbreak to love

You’re one heartbreak to love
Don’t beat yourself up over the fact that he refused to realise how special you are,he refused to see what he’s missing,he’s throwing blames n accusations and obviously not looking inwards,He’s egocentric n selfish, you know what love, you’re better than this,You’re a lot stronger than this,
Nobody has a right to treat you like this
You deserve the very best,You deserve 100%, Not 50 but a 100%,
You know why?
You’re beautiful, smart and wonderful,
You deserve the best treatment and all the attention in the world,You deserve a first class treatment, you see it is only temporary, nothing lasts forever,
We all overcome eventually.

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