21 lessons i have learnt in 21 years|Life

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Hi guys,

I do not write long articles or tell stories infact, this has taken me almost a month to put together but some of my friends have encouraged me to share my thoughts and be a little more expressive on my blog, so yeah!

In my short stay on earth, i have been through a lot. Most of which are normal life challenges, some circumstantial and others careless. I’ll be sharing lessons that i have learnt.

Oh well, here I am!

1. Be Respectful: No matter how highly placed you are, never disrespect anybody. You do not know who is who and where you might find yourself tomorrow.

2. Listen more than you speak: Somebody once said that your ears will never deceive you. Yup! I totally agree.

3. Just do it!: First of all, i am not a nike ambassador 😆. I have the tendency to overthink every single thing. I have come to realise that the faster i just do it, (instead of overthinking) the better for me and everybody involved. I have learnt to spend less time worrying and spend more time taking steps.

4. Be you: I am an advocate for doing whatever you want and just expressing yourself. Eventually, people will accept and love you for who you are. You do not need to please everybody, you are not candy😂

5. Complement others: You make another person smile. You make them feel good.

6. Be nice: The world is already a difficult place. Don’t add your own to it.

7. Love yourself: Love yourself and accept yourself for who you are.

8. Forgive yourself: You will make mistakes, learn from them and move on.

9. Take care of yourself . Personal hygiene is key. I don’t joke with my mental health. I take time to rest and have ” me” time especially after a stressful week. I take breaks off social media when i need to. I treat myself to my favourite chocolate or i get my nails done when i deserve it. Your mental health is important, guard it jealously.

10. Learn how to ask for help: I know that i am not an island of knowledge and i need help sometimes especially when i cannot possibly do it all by myself. I find it difficult to ask for help because i like acting all tough and macho (the hardgirl syndrome) but everything becomes better and lighter when i get help. So, relax and allow others to help you.

11. Seize every opportunity: Many opportunities present only once in a lifetime.

12. Keep an open mind: My cousin told me that the best way to get the best out of life is to keep an open mind and a positive attitude in the process.

13. Good friends exist: We are in a world where we have all been hurt by one friend or othe other. Me inclusive . I have learnt not to allow that hurt push the next friendly face away. I have made good friends and i know good friends exist

14. Celebrate small wins: Celebrate achievements no matter how little they are.

15. People change : People change, people either become better or worse and that is okay. I learnt this in the sadddest way imaginable (story for another day). I have learnt to accept people in whatever shade or colour they show (good or bad)

16. Contentment: I do not have everything i want and i definitely do not have everything i crave but i have everything i need and i am comfortable. I have learnt to be okay with that and be just fine.

17. Honesty: Telling the truth has never been easy especially if you’ll get into trouble for it. I got to a certain point in my life (especially when nobody can beat me) that i realised i will not die if i just own up to the truth. So yeah, honesty is a key principle.

18. Don’t kill yourself trying to manipulate what you cannot change: There are so many events that you can do absolutely nothing about, just leave it and let it play out on its own.

19. Own up to your shit: I know when i mess up and it is easy to put the blame on somebody else (very sweet) and let them take the fall for it but I have learnt that i can only grow and become better when i take responsibility for my actions, reap the consequences and do better next time. Don’t push blame around, own up to it and work on them.

20. The best way to get anything done quickly is to do it by yourself: Asking for help and allowing others to help is good but doing it by yourself is best.

21. Never forget to include God: God is the Ultimate and He takes priority in everything i do. Everything will fall in place and become simpler when you include God.

Thank you for reading😙😙😙

See you in the comment section😚

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A letter from a struggling youth

Dear God,


I am a nonchalant Christian youth

I do not have an identity

I am struggling to read the word and communicate with You everyday

I am struggling to believe the things i read in the Word and the things that come out of the preachers mouth

I am struggling to be a babe and still slay in the Word

I am struggling with video games and the Word

I am struggling to serve You and still club

I want You to call me Your friend and i want approval from my friends

I believe in Grace but I still feel dirty when i tell a lie

I love You but maybe i love the things You do for me more

I am struggling with addiction to flesh and to Your business

I know i cannot serve two masters but i find myself pleasing You less

I know You sent me a helper but i can be stubborn

That is why i ask You

To help me listen,

To help me believe and trust you fully.Yours faithfully,

A struggling youth



You are enough!

Dear human,

You are enough,

Enough of the lies and self deprecatory,

You think you are not enough ,

You bury yourself in a blanket of the expectations of others,

You live a self hating, people pleasing, fearful and fear-filled life,

You believe the lies that society has put in your head,

And the lies that have been engraved in your heart,

To the point where your true self is buried

Buried 6 feet beneath,

Beneath your true potentials,

Beneath your actual worth

Dear human,

You are no longer allowed to feel small

You are no longer allowed to lend your ears to society’s voice

You can be the best version of you

You are needed,

You are enough,

You do enough

You have always been enough

You will always be enough.


Judging others

It’s easy to judge and forget that we’re human and liable to make mistakes. There are times when we say things that are true but judgemental and hurtful.

We do not know where the shoe pinches and we never actually realize it till we are in those pinching shoes.

Everybody is going through something.

My conclusion is that we mend our own clothes and pray to God that it doesn’t expose our bodies afterwards

My yellow top

And even in the night

I think of you

Your touch and soft texture consumes my thoughts

At the glimpse of light

I fly down from my skyscraper

In anticipation to see you

To touch you

And feel you

I smile as i open the door

The door to my closet

A bright smile breaks from my lips

As i see you

My yellow Adidas top 😀😁😁😁

…. Beehigeeh ❤️

Silver lining

Back turned to the past
A dreadful past
Dark Shadows and reflections of pain
Visions of dark mountains and webs of confusion
Beclouding my mind
I build up courage and forge ahead
Beads of sweat rolling down my forehead,
Tears of salt and pepper roll down my cheeks
Although, currents of fear wash through my body like cold water,
I still forge ahead
And hope for a better tomorrow
My body develops resilience
Resilience to the storm and wind
I develop thick layers
Layers and layers of bicep and triceps muscles
Muscles of strength
Strength to endure the unspeakable
An awakening to a better tomorrow
With the new dawn comes strength
Strength to forge ahead
A glimpse of light,
Fragment and fragments of light
In a moment, darkness is gone
I see rays of sunlight
And I smile
But I’m not the same
I’m weary, exhausted
And broken
But yes, Broken is beautiful

Hearts Afar And Not Apart

Thoughts running through my head
Like rivers flowing, they never end
I think I might finally stop my search now
I’m not sure how you feel though,really how?

Your skin, lord of the tan
Trust me, am your greatest fan
You are such a beholdable sight
Your heart, please let me make my site

I doubt anybody’s ever made me feel this way
I don’t know how but you just came my way
Well I guess maybe it was meant to be
But still the odds are the factors that be

The Potter had time for you
Cos you are a beauty out and within
You should let me love you
But I will give you time to think within..

I promise I’ll never do you wrong
I’ll never bounce your call
I’ll learn chinese for u nd call you Wong
I hope you respond when I later call

Our hearts may be distant
I wish they aren’t that far apart
Want you to see our love being blatant
Trust when I say we will never be apart



Beautiful poem by my friend.

Thank you James


My declaration!

I’m excited about me

Excited about who I am

Excited about who I will become

Excited about what my future holds

And no matter what,

What comes my way,

Stress and trials

Success and failure

I still choose to be excited

Challenges are a proof of greatness

I’m not missing out on greatness

I choose to live everyday like tomorrow will never come

I will live without fear

I choose to live right

I choose to live a God-directed life

And be the best that I can

I choose to be me

Because no one is me and that is my power!


More than just Shadows

Shadow of a dejected soul

Hiking a lonely and rejected road

Down a one-way street

With no road maps

Tears rolling down the cheeks of a broken heart

Like springs of warm water

A dark street

With no ray of light to comfort a perturbed spirit

A burning chest with pains like angina

I’ll heal and be fine someday

I’ll keep walking till I get a glimpse of light


Inspired by my friend.

Nubian Queen 👑

Beauty beyond comparison

Dark burst of pure melanin juice

Skin made out of dark sugar, honey, cocoa and pure solid gold

Hair, thick and dark like the forest in Zambezi

Slim and slender like a palm tree

Moving graciously,

left to right like happy palm leaves

With compassion burning in her eyes

Smile that melts a stone-cold heart

And teeth like a newly sharpened knife

Blinding Joy that lifts a depressed soul

Joy that brightly lits up a dark room


strong and courageous

Free-spirited and intelligent

A treasure to be cherished until the end of time

Whether celebrated, imitated, exploited or denigrated

She’ll always remain a Nubian Queen


Mind games


Drowned in joy,
He slips back in the game
The game of hide and seek,
A heart lost in the squares of Rubik’s cube
Who knows what the future with him holds
She silently watches as he plays the game of hearts
The game of thrones
Determined to find a way,
A way to her heart,

Queen of his heart
In the mortal world
Full of so much despair,
She is made to believe that “happily ever after” exists
He braces himself,
Ready for unforseen contingencies,
With burning determination,
He picks up the dice,
Rolls it back and forth,
Clears the pawns and takes out the knights,
Ruins the rook and bishops,
Her heart is at stake
Heartbeat rising,
Pulse racing,
He tosses the dice,
It rolls and rolls
Then stops!
He loses
He’s captured
Yet Again!
He’s lost!
Another heartbreak
No crown
Game over!
                                  — Beehigeeh😘

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